About Ultra Horizon


It all started IN BRISTOL…

Ultra Horizon was founded in 2016 by two computer science students specialising in networking and cryptography at the University of Bristol. Their mission was to develop a virtual private network (VPN) system capable of providing:

  • Unparalled performance

  • Complex DPI evasion

  • High levels of security

  • Ease of use

Ultra Horizon’s first VPN product to launch with these capabilities was UH Net in 2017. This was a consumer application allowing anyone to obtain these capabilites via a subscription service. This application eventually morphed into our corporate VPN platform, UH Enterprise, which is on sale today and contains all of the orginal features found in UH Net, but with a corporate management panel and custom branding features.



Since the company’s inception, Ultra Horizon has also branched out heavily into networking infrastructure through the manufacture and deployment of our Gamma devices originally designed for our VPN system. Ultra Horizon now offers solutions for wide area networks (WAN) and local area networks (LAN). Our WAN based solutions are mainly driven by our extensive set of contacts within the worldwide dark fibre network and our LAN based solutions are driven by our high performance core/aggregation level switching infrastructure.


Ultra Horizon still maintains extremely strong links with The University of Bristol, in particular, the world class cryptography research group. Certain members of Ultra Horizon are currently working on a project funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) called SCARV (side-channel hardened RISC-V). In particular, the development of a platform to dynamically test for leakage of sensitive information within implementations of cryptographic software.