Access Layer

Switching infrastructure to provide endpoint connectivity to user devices and network peripherals


High Bandwidth & Low latency

Ultra Horizon provides access switching infrastructure to provide multi Gbps switching capacity and extremely low latency to cater for the most demanding network requirements. All hardware includes specialised application specific integrated circuits (ASICS) to provide an efficient and performant datagram forwarding engine.

L3 Capable

A wide variety of devices in our fleet of access layer switching infrastructure are layer three capable. This allows for smaller sized networks to obtain the same features present in the core and aggregation layer devices such as inter VLAN routing, but on smaller devices better suited to their network size and performance requirements.

SFP+ Uplinks

Each device offered within our access layer switching infrastructure has multiple SFP+ uplinks able to support RJ45 or LC fibre transceivers. This facilitates the ability to provide multi-gigabit upload links to the core/aggregation layer switching infrastructure, improving the overall performance of the network for users.


All of our access layer switching infrastructure has model variants supporting power over ethernet (POE) in the form of 802.3af, 802.3at or 24V passive. This means that a variety of network periphery devices such as Wi-Fi access points can be powered directly from the access layer, eliminating the need for complex power delivery infrastructure.


Powerful CLI

All switches in the core and aggregation layer come with a simple, but expressive command line interface (CLI). This allows engineers to make changes to the configuration in real time and preview changes before writing them to the device. The CLI can provide useful features such as auto-rollback in the case of configuration mistakes or network failure and will mark each change as a commit (similar to Git) to allow engineers to easily rollback and track changes made to the devices.