Bespoke Solutions

We want to ensure that the product you receive is perfect for your needs, which is why we work so hard to create a bespoke solution for you. We understand that everyone has their own requirements, and we will endeavour to cater for these whilst still offering the best possible security that the industry has to offer.

Our process involves three simple steps from initial contact. This process has been designed to be a streamlined as possible, and get you up and running on a state of the art secure network as quickly as possible.


Step 1: Surveying

Once initial contact has been made, a phone consultation will be provided so we can grasp exactly what kind of solution we need to provide. Then following this, a team of Ultra Horizon engineers will be dispatched to your location to perform essential analysis and testing of your current infrastructure. This ensures that the equipment we manufacture is best suited for your specific environment, thus allowing seamless integration with your current systems. In addition, this process also gives us a chance to allow for any specificities to be discussed to allow you to attain a truely bespoke solution.

Step 2: Preparation

Once a survey has taken place our manufacturing department in Bristol, UK, is informed with your exact requirements. Our Ultra Horizon equipment is then manufactured and preconfigured to your specific needs. Any ancillary equipment that may be required will also be sourced and configured in this stage. Furthermore, once all your equipment has been manufactured we then test the solution extensively so that you can be sure that it will perform adequately in any environment you present it in.

Step 3: Installation

The final part of the process is installation. All previous stages are utilised to make this critical stage as seamless and trouble free as possible. A team of Ultra Horizon engineers will travel to your location in order to professionally install your equipment. Any extra nuances particular to your current infrastructure will usually be applied in this stage. Extensive 'in situ' testing will subsequently be performed here to ensure that once we leave your location, the system will run without fault until the next on site service.

Ultra Horizon Support

Once your equipment has been installed and configured it will run with little to no physical maintenance. This is largely due to our remote-management system we utilise. Many clients wish to add further devices to their infrastructure after we install our equipment. This can often lead to slight configuration changes in our systems. However, is not an issue because our remote-management system allows our engineers to do all this for you remotely. No call outs required, meaning much quicker results and lower cost for the client.

Although we understand the convenience of remote management, our engineers will also perform annual services on your equipment to ensure that all systems are running to the correct security recommendations we put in place. This yearly call out also involves 're-keying' the devices to our core network, almost akin to changing the locks on a property. Should you wish for a more aggressive 're-keying' schedule, we will be happy to oblige.