Accessible Connections, Anywhere.

At Ultra Horizon we ensure that we provide the best service possible to allow you to have a truly unhindered browsing experience. Our core data-centre is connected to the heart of the UK fibre network. This fibre network expands to many key locations in a variety of different countries. With our dedicated IP transit lines spanning across the globe so you can be sure that you are getting the best connection speed wherever you are in the world.

Our main UK data centre consists of dedicated custom-built hardware specifically designed for cryptographic operations. Many other providers design their infrastructure in the cloud. Not only does this mean shared resources and fewer optimisations for secure tunnel operations, but it also raises some security concerns. Many cloud systems are open to various attacks as each set of users shares compute resources. The well known row-hammer attack has been a good example of where cloud systems have failed on being secure. Our dedicated hardware is not only protected by biometric and combination locks, but we also have a manned guarding team to protect our infrastructure from physical intruders 24/7, all year round.


Speed and reliability matters - our data centre consists of 4 x 10Gbps load balancing core fibre links. It is due to this that we are able to offer unparalleled speed and bandwidth. If a link were to fail we can simply switch over to any of the remaining links instantly, there is never any experienced downtime for the client. Furthermore, we operate all our devices in what is known as High Availability (full active/passive redundancy) with SSD storage in RAID. In essence this means that all our devices are equipped with mirrored SSD drives and every active device has a passive device waiting to take over instantly if the primary device encounters a fault. It is primarily due to this system that we are able to achieve high rates of reliability. Of course, coupled with this, we have UPS systems and generators on standby to protect our servers from power failure at all times.