Cutting Edge Secure Networks

We aren't happy with anything other than the best, which is why we have engineered a first-class secure network. We employ the latest in cryptographic standards, allowing for incredibly fast and secure connections in one package. In addition, our secure network supports a variety of features such as our threat prevention, full IPv6 support and more; detailed below.


No Logging

Many network providers record and log your internet history. At Ultra Horizon, our servers are fully log free. We store no information regarding packet payload from clients. Even in the event that an upstream provider was to log information, our routing table is internal so the traffic would not be traceable back to you.

Strong Encryption

We know that the digital world moves rapidly and stops for nothing, which is why our secure tunnel solution uses the latest and greatest in Data Channel encryption. We apply AES-256-GCM on our connections with site machines. This ensures that your data is not only encrypted, but it also authenticated. Thus, rogue packets can be identified and discarded in a rapid and safe manner.

Elliptic Curves

Conventional key exchange technology utilises Diffie Hellman with long safe primes. However, with the rise of more powerful computers, key sizes have had to become larger and larger, thus slowing connection initiation times. Your productivity is paramount to us, which is why we use Elliptic Curve Diffie Hellman, which is not only quicker, but also enhances security. 

Total Integrity

Traditional DNS queries are open to abuse. A simple MITM attack can change IP addresses of DNS data, which opens you up to a variety of attacks. In order to prevent this, at Ultra Horizon we employ the DNSSEC standard across our entire network environment. This standard provides DNS data integrity allowing you to browse the internet with peace of mind knowing that all DNS queries you make have been validated behind the scenes.

The Full Internet

With America's ARIN officially declaring their exhaustion of IPv4 in 2015 we need to act to facilitate the growth of the Internet further. IPv6 is the solution to this, a next generation Internet addressing protocol. Unlike other providers who simply switch off IPv6 due to security concerns, we encourage it and can allocate full IPv6 subnets to our site machines as standard. With our technology, a dual stack IP network is truly possible with IPv4 and IPv6 traffic being encrypted and routed through the tunnel.

Threat Prevention

With network threats becoming ever more complex, firewalls alone are no longer able to guarantee threat prevention. At Ultra Horizon, we have developed a packet payload inspection system. This constantly works behind the scene to help detect and respond to threats in real time. Potentially malicious packets are dropped and transmission to the offending server is halted for a certain period until further analysis is completed.



Maintaining a connection connection to our secure tunnel is inherently important to your online privacy and security. With increasingly complex detection systems being deployed, it is essential that a scheme is in place to outsmart such systems. Our solution can dynamically assess which ports are best for your current connection. We also use control channel encryption which means that TLS messages and connection initialisation is encrypted thus helping to hide the signature of a tunnelled connection.

Location Concealment

A key reason for utilising our secure network is location concealment. By using our system, your location will appear to other parties as being in the UK - no matter where you are in the world. This disables the ability for any third-party IP tracking, helping keep your connection secure. In addition, this has the added convenience that all websites will be served in English by default.


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