Edge Devices

Devices to bridge the gap between WAN and LAN securely


High Bandwidth

Our UH Gamma devices are capable of multi-gigabit performance. Our specially engineered Gamma devices for the network edge can match bandwidth requirements anywhere from 1Gbps through to 10Gbps in both RJ45 copper and SFP+ formats. This can further be increased to 20Gbps via use of link aggregation where applicable.


Dynamic Routing

All of our devices are fully capable of supporting a variety of dynamic routing protocols including the border gateway protocol (BGP) and open shortest path first (OSPF). This makes the Gamma devices ideally suited for peering with upstream ISPs, Internet registries or even providing a dynamic routing protcol to the LAN.


LAN Services

Our devices combine various LAN services into one single unit for space saving and single pane of management. Our Gamma devices can support DHCP, RADIUS, DNS resolution, captive portal, IGMP, traffic shaping, Avahi and come with a highly configurable stateful firewall based off the popular pfSense open source firewall.


Dualstack Support

All devices within Ultra Horizon’s Gamma fleet are IPv4 and IPv6 capable meaning that a dualstack solution is easily feasible. Our IPv4 functionality extends to support concepts such as NAT, port forwarding and dynamic port rewriting whilst our IPv6 based solutions are capable of supporting router advertisements, SLAAC, DHCPv6 and port forwarding.

High Availability

Our entire Gamma fleet comes with high availability (HA) in mind. All devices can be configured to operate in active/passive mode to provide redundancy in network environments that require a mission critical level of reliability. When a fault is detected in a primary node, traffic is immediately re-routed to the secondary node to prevent downtime.

vpn nodes

All of our Gamma devices are UH Enterprise and UH Interconnect ready. This means that the edge devices can be easily configured to act as a organisation server for UH Enterprise or act as a site-to-site endpoint in UH Interconnect. This easy expansion technology allows for VPN technology to be introduced into the network environment instantly and for very little cost.