Fibre Connectivity

Multi-Gigabit dark fibre links facilitating high speed WAN connectivity around the globe


High Bandwidth, LOW LATENCY

Ultra Horizon can provide a whole range of dark fibre solutions from sub 1 Gbps bandwidth through to multi-gigabit solutions. We can terminate these dark fibre lines in a variety of places around the world to ensure low latency is achieved to vital services in particular geographical areas of interest.


Ultra Horizon work with a variety of T1/T2 carriers across the globe to ensure that the right solution is delivered for your needs. We can provision dark fibre connectivity in almost any country accross the globe and can even route this traffic back to our UK based data centre upon request.

dualstack routing

At Ultra Horizon we are closely linked with large regional Internet registries such as RIPE, meaning we can distrubute both IPv4 and IPv6 address blocks through the dark fibre network. In addition, we can also offer peering services to other autonomous systems where available.