4G Connectivity

High speed connectivity for situations where fibre isn’t practical or cost-effective


Ultra Horizon work closely with a variety of 4G providers across the world enabling us to deliver cost effective 4G solutions in a variety of areas including the maritime sector. Ultra Horizon can provision 4G solutions up to a bandwidth of 150Mbps and will work with a variety of carriers to achieve the best available performance for a given geographical area.

Load balancing & failover

When operating in environments with a high density of network users, the reliability of the WAN link is critical. Ultra Horizon can provide solutions with dynamic failover to other WAN connections and can even load balance across multiple 4G connections. This translates to higher performance and reliability from a user’s perspective.


One of the main drawbacks with 4G links is the lack of public IP addressing due to carrier-grade NAT addressing inside the 4G network. This translates to an inability to communicate directly to the network publicly. Ultra Horizon can combine 4G WAN connections with UH Interconnect to allow for a reverse tunnel to be constructed and avoid this drawback.