Consultancy Services


VIP & Corporate Close Protection

At present we specialise in providing close protection services for numerous high profiled celebrity and corporate clients.

Surveillance Services

Our consultants are deployed on a regular basis providing surveillance and counter surveillance services for clients. They are supported in this role by incorporating the latest technology and equipment in this field, this also includes TSCM.

Hostile Environment Security 

Our specialised teams of consultants are able and are being constantly deployed to conflict zones around the globe protecting and advising a wide range of clients.

Maritime Security Services

As well as administering secure communications for a wide variety of vessels, we also provide consultants to advise on their physical security arrangements.

Residence and Venue Security

We provide consultants to advise and fulfil the role of securing an array of client assets from properties to entire venues.

Equipment Procurement

Ultra Horizon have the capability to procure and supply any equipment required by our clients.