Physical Security

Ultra Horizon is an independent security company of highly trained professional personnel who collectively have many years of security experience. We offer a discreet and confidential service, structured to supply the full spectrum of personal and corporate security requirements worldwide. By maintaining constant contact with specialist military and civilian organisations, our personnel have up to date knowledge of new developments in global security. Furthermore, our skills are supported by an extensive database of theoretical and practical security information, thus placing us in the unique position of being able to offer the most cost-effective packages in the fields of security management and implementation.


Commercial Support

Ultra Horizon's commercial management team are able to provide planning co-ordinators, training staff and advisors in a diverse set of areas. We operate mainly in financial and corporate investigations, civil and criminal fraud, theft of corporate information and asset tracing and recovery operations. Our wide array of contacts around the world allows us to obtain vital information extremely quickly and enables us to rapidly act upon it which is often critical in time pressured situations.


Consultancy Services

At Ultra Horizon the experience and abilities of our consultants has been derived from extensive operational deployments. We excel in the provision of credible and realistic security solutions on behalf of our clients. Our uniquely skilled teams have been successfully deployed in a variety of situations, often under intensive pressure and in hostile environments. Our team largely consists of members recruited from the British Special Forces and governmental departments.


Specialist Training Courses

We understand that no singular training course covers all of your requirements. We have the expertise and operational experience needed to design any specialist security course that you require. Our solutions are extremely diverse ranging from V.I.P. Close Protection courses right the way through to Maritime Security, weapons training and hostile environment courses. Our range of experience will enable peace of mind knowing that we can structure the exact course tailored to your needs.