Specialist Training Courses


Ultra Horizon's medical courses start from basic first aid right the way through to advanced trauma care. Additionally we can create courses tailored to specific client requirements.

counter Terrorism

Our counter terrorism courses vary from client to client depending on their needs and facilities, but will cover all options that have been utilised in recent terrorist incidents.


Our surveillance courses incorporate both technical and physical surveillance. Counter surveillance lessons are also included along with classes on essential photographic skills.

VIP Close protection

Ultra Horizon's close protection instructors are all ex-UK special forces with a vast range of extensive skills and experience gained during training, military operations and numerous commercial ventures. Our close protection courses are designed to train individuals to the highest standard in order to counter any perceived threat.

Maritime Security

Ultra Horizon are fully compliant with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) legislation in order to mitigate the risks to ports and shipping. We have extensive knowledge surrounding all aspects of Maritime Security and can assist in ensuring the mandatory provisions of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS) and the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS).

Hostile Environment

These courses are designed for companies or individuals who are going to work in high risk zones around the world. They are constructed to heighten the clients situation awareness and overall personal security. The courses include, but are not restricted to, weapon training, unarmed combat, medical training and other relevant subjects that will aid client safety and security in potential hostile areas.


Our special forces instructors are experts in a wide array of weaponry ranging from handguns and pistols through to large support weapons. Our weapon training also includes sniper training courses and CQB techniques.

Unarmed Combat

The aim of this training is to ensure that the student is capable of a progressive response to a physical attack. This attack can come in many forms so the pupil must be trained to respond in the correct manner. The training is also aimed to improve their co-ordination, agility and mobility.