UH Enterprise

A secure, fast and convenient corporate VPN platform


Centralised Management

UH Enterprise is the simplest and most convenient corporate VPN platform to manage. Authentication and identity management is handled through an intuitive web-interface, allowing access control to be handled by authorised personnel at any time, anywhere in the world.


Users can be granted access easy and in a hassle free manner. UH Enterprise employs a simple scheme based upon one-time passwords to perform the initial cryptographic exchange; removing the need for complex standard operating procedures for distributing keys and certificates.


UH Enterprise offers the ability for corporations to easily customise user facing applications to match their branding in real time. The UH Enterprise core dynamically pushes corporate branding to mobile applications to give users a true customised feel to the VPN system.



UH Enterprise aims to be the most performant VPN system available, by utilising cryptographically accelerated server hardware and VPN clients designed specifically to use the latest standards in networking and cryptography translating to larger bandwidth capabilities and reduced latency.


The most cutting edge cryptographic algorithms are utilised within UH Enterprise to ensure that the confidentiality and integrity of a user’s data is never compromised. In addition, corporations utilise VPN servers hosted in their own offices/premises so data is always transiting through a trusted source.


UH Enterprise is usable anywhere in the world, no matter the censorship in place, by combining state of the art masking technology with the VPN protocol. Furthermore, custom masking techniques, port selection and transport protocol can be chosen by corporations to suit their needs.