Wireless Infrastructure

Devices providing high speed Wi-Fi to users or point to point connections between locations


High performance Wi-Fi

Ultra Horizon supply Wi-Fi devices with MU-MIMO technology meaning that communication with multiple wireless users can occur simultaneously. This fundamentally translates to high performance in high density environments with many wireless users.


Ultra Horizon can provide Wi-Fi solutions for both indoor and outdoor environments. We offer discreet and performant radial shaped access points for use indoors and outdoors. Alternatively omnidirectional antennas can be used to cover a large open area intended to serve many wireless clients.


All of our wireless infrastructure can be powered by POE. This means that power infrastructure does not have to be installed during an installation. Instead, the access layer switching infrastructure can power the wireless infrastructure over a single copper data cable.

Point to Point

Connectivity between locations is always important, but installing fibre or copper cabling is often not practical nor cost effective. For these situations Ultra Horizon offer wireless point to point backhaul devices designed to provide up to 1Gbps of bandwidth with sub 1ms latency between nodes. These devices can be used to securely and easily bridge the networks of remote locations together with little infrastructure overhead. Furthermore, these devices operate on unlicenced frequencies, eliminating installation restrictions.